Elvis Presley by Kelys

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5 Responses to Elvis Presley by Kelys

  1. JC1 says:

    your work is great because your telling us about his life
    great work

  2. MD says:

    I like it because you have put lot of AMAZING information. you’ve put a lot of good songs down. you’r WORK is VERY VERY GOOD. and you have left full stops.

  3. RW1 says:

    I like it because you’ve written some of the songs.EXELENT WORK! and you have written loads of information you have put some cooltext.

  4. SD1 says:

    gud work because evils is famous singer

  5. LB says:

    well done kelys you have done some excellent work i like yore because you have done hard work . you have got some nice pics

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