jimi hendrix

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  1. Mr. Cooper says:

    Well done boys! You’ve clearly done loads of research about Jimi Hendrix. You’ve made the page very colourful and interesting by using CoolText. The links to the songs are great because i can now listen to some of Jimi Hendrix’ songs.

  2. SD1 says:

    well done boys you have lots of informashan.

  3. CR3 says:

    Well done Joe and Wiktor. I liked your work and I like your cool text.

  4. DCB says:

    I like your work because the pictures are cool

  5. JC says:

    very good work i like it i never new about Jimi Hendrix.

  6. MLloyd and MSutton says:

    My dad still listens to Jimi

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