Lola and Tomasz fact file Final Draft

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4 Responses to Lola and Tomasz fact file Final Draft

  1. EvansE768 says:

    This page is really good it is really good for all the younger children because if they can’t read they can just listen to the audio file,the pictures and the way you layed out the page was really clear, and also the video was very interesting.

  2. BrownS15 says:

    I love your page it has got a quiz page. Wow Well done Di yawn ti. I love your 1st page aswell. I like it because it stands out and of the bold title and the yellow boxes well done you.

  3. VillamoraT says:

    Well done Tomasz and Lola! These are some great facts and I have learned a lot of things from this page and i’m sure that many people can learn from this. I really want to make a page like this. It’s definitely something that younger children can learn from.

  4. DonnoE says:

    its stand out well got a good video

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