Richmond Park’s Blogging Rules!

All posts and comments are moderated by the teachers at Richmond Park Primary School. We wish to educate the pupils of Richmond Park in e-safety so that they all become responsible users of the World Wide Web.

More and more students are being invited and given access to online discussions, forums and comments on blogs. This is wonderful because the classroom walls are open and children have the freedom to make observations and remarks on other student’s posts. Consequently, it is important for teachers to train children in the ‘art’ of commenting. There are several rules of netiquette they need to follow. They have to understand that this is an extension of the classroom walls and that rules that they follow in the classroom cross over to their behaviour in online environments.

1. Our blog is an extension of our Classroom space.

2. Comments to others should be positive and encouraging, or
should follow the school’s ‘2 Stars and a Wish’ feedback format.

3. Never EVER give out or record personal information on your
blog. Don’t give out your phone number or home address.

4. Your username (or nickname) should be your first name only.  Parents or family members who leave comments should also use first names or ‘Anna’s mum’.

5. Your blog is a public space. Be sure that anything you write is something you are proud of.

6. Never link to something you haven’t read.

7. Take good care of school computers by not downloading or installing any software without permission, and not clicking on ads or competitions.

5 Responses to Blogging Rules

  1. BETANY MARTIN says:


  2. EJ says:

    i loved your work poppy it is awsome i love it so much it is cool

  3. Izzy M and Emma B The Berkeley says:

    We agree with your rules Richmond Park Primary School.

  4. Sam.c Amelia.d says:

    Great videos. 🙂

  5. Georgia B And Abbie D Berkeley Primary School says:

    These rules are very important to the children all around the world and that they follow them ! WELL DONE !

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